Marketing / Communications Manager


Elefant Tours


Elefant Tours is a German travel agency spezialized in Africa Travels.

  • My tasks included: Implementation of a brand strategy workshop to improve and professionalize the recognition and communication of the companies Elefant-Tour, Namibia-Experience, South Africa- Experience, Tanzania-Experience and other experiences.
  • Definition of target groups, brand identity, USPs, storytelling ideas –
  • Streamlining of workflows by introducing co-working tools such as Dropbox, Google Docs as a project management tool and collaborative calendars.
  • Pitch creation and winning a marketing cooperation with SA Tourism.
  • Extension of the Elefant Tours Newsletter reach by introducing a new newsletter software as well as a pop-up.
  • Creation and implementation of social media campaigns in German for Elephant Tours, Streamlining of workflows through the introduction of a new newsletter.
  • Writing blog articles by keywords that target new customer segments and increase Google visibility
  • Creation of story ideas for new videos, recreating text and voice overs for trade fair videos
  • Planning and implementation of PR activities in German and English for our cooperation partner, NGO Oasis.